About Me


Tunde  Fabunmi is a speaker, author, beekeeper, honey expert and globally recognized innovator. I am a certified Bee and Nutrition Therapist versed in the science of food and its application for disease prevention and cure. I obtained Diploma in Apitherapy and Nutrition (healing with bee products and other natural foods) in Germany 2003.

I have to my credit international awards and fellowships. In 2003 I bagged Fellowship from Ashoka, a Global Association of Leading Social Entrepreneurs in the United States of America. I was inducted fellow in recognition of my creative and entrepreneurial leadership and commitment to make large scale changes in society.

I got Trendsetters Award instituted by LEAP Africa and Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, Switzerland 2004 in recognition of my innovative work and direct social impact in the field of honeybee preservation through mass education on the economic, health and environmental benefits of honeybees.

In 2005, I got Outstanding Social Entrepreneurship Award organized by BusinessDay Newspapers and Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship Switzerland in recognition of my visionary, pragmatic and courageous contributions that significantly improve the state of the world’s people.

I am an alumnus of Global Social Benefit Incubator GSBI, Santa Clara University, USA having participated in the 2005 edition of the program on scholarship along with 15 other innovators with impactful projects selected from various countries worldwide. I was the only African in the GSBI set of 2005 at Santa Clara University.

I was the only Nigerian among the 16 finalists selected from 485 people that took part in the international competition: Ten Ideas for Tomorrow’s Africa organized by UNESCO in 2010. My entry for the competition was based on Development of Modern Beekeeping as the Pivot of Food Security in Africa.

I was also among the 10 finalists out of 458 applicants from 38 countries across Africa that applied for the maiden edition of Innovative Prize Africa IPA 2012. My entry for the Prize was a Leg Cream to stop amputation as “medical treatment” for festering diabetic foot ulcer.

I was one of the eight finalists whose projects were evaluated for the Global Development Network GDN Prize in Japan 2003. My entry was based on the use of honeybee resource to fight poverty and hunger; infant and maternal mortality; curb deforestation ; empower rural women and improve health and nutritional status of Nigerians.

I have presented papers at home and abroad on honey, beekeeping and apitherapy and their applications to reduce unemployment and poverty, improve low crop yield, curb desert encroachment, and stem HIV/AIDS and avoidable blindness due to cataract.

I have published two books Foods That Cure Diabetes and Special Alerts for Diabetics: Guide to Help You Avoid Complications. I anchored a column Diet & Health in the Sunday Guardian from 2010-2012. I also anchored the popular Healthy Eating Column in the Saturday Punch from June 2013 – January 2014.

I am a member of the American Apitherapy Society AAS and World Apitherapy Network.