Medically, managing diabetes is to lower high blood sugar with oral drugs or insulin or both daily for life. But drug management neither treats nor controls the disease. Why? Drug management focuses entirely on the symptom of diabetes (high blood sugar) leaving its causes to fester. Many diabetics have the illusion that drug management keeps them alive. Rather, their survival is ensured by the body’s colossal level of tolerance. Sadly, when the body tolerance level is exhausted, the untreated causes of diabetes, wrong dietary choices and side effect of drug management damage the heart and kidneys causing misery and premature death.


In other words, type 2 diabetes is neither treated nor controlled by lowering high blood sugar with drugs or insulin. Why? High blood sugar is not the cause of diabetes; it is just a symptom of disease. While it is incontrovertible that disease can only be mitigated or cured by eliminating its cause(s), taking oral diabetes drugs or insulin amount to shadow chasing. Otherwise, why does diabetes defy drugs despite advances in medical science? Besides the ineffectiveness of diabetes drugs, they also cause fatal complications including stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, blindness, amputation and brain damage.

While drugs do not provide succor for diabetics, dietary advices by medical doctors are also fatally wrong. For instance, wheat is the first choice meal for many diabetics based on the advice of their medical doctors. Yet, by eating wheat, diabetics are unknowingly fuelling their disease progression to fatal complications and premature death. Why? Wheat lowers body pH and reduces oxygen supply to the body cells. Low body pH also makes diseases intractable by depriving organs adequate oxygen critical to their optimal health and functions. Also, wheat has six times more sugar than pineapple. Worse still, wheat and unripe plantain – the main food choices of diabetics- are akin to committing suicide. In effect, the fatal side effects of diabetes drugs and wrong dietary choices by people contending with this metabolic disorder cause the epidemic of premature deaths.


To avoid this, you need to get out of this trap FAST. Diabetes reversal is possible. How? Eliminate its causes (insulin resistance and low thyroid function) with Life-Gate Foods and Energy Nutrients plus information on healthy foods and how to prepare and eat them RIGHTLY. How do you go about this?


  1. type 2 diabetes CAN IT BE ELIMINATED TOTALLY?

  2. I sincerely hope this is efficacious and affordable. May God be with you.

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