Medical treatment addresses the symptoms of kidney failure rather than its causes which are 100 percent diet-related. While dialysis is the medical device to cleanse metabolic wastes and toxins in the body, it is costly and does more harm than good. Medical treatment only focuses on the failing kidneys, whereas the health and functions of the kidneys are tied to healthy functions of the liver, heart, blood vessels, stomach and gallbladder. In other words, kidney failure cannot be successfully treated without factoring the indispensable roles of the organs and tissues that have physiological connections with the kidneys in the treatment protocols.

Also, about 99 percent of people with kidney failure cannot afford the cost of dialysis, kidney transplant and post-transplant drug management. In the US the annual cost of dialysis is 80,000 dollars per year while a single kidney transplant cost 250,000 dollars In Nigeria, dialysis cost N70,000 – N100,000 per month while kidney transplant cost N10 million or more and post-transplant drug management cost N350,000 per month.   When the cost of treating kidney failure is a greater burden than the disease, the consequence is premature death. It is no surprise that many Nigerians with kidney failure rarely survive whether treated at home or abroad

The fact that bacterial infection can undo the “success” of kidney transplant means it is like building a castle in the air. Since bacteria are unseen ubiquitous organisms, people with “borrowed kidney” have high risk of kidney failure relapse.

Medical treatment of kidney failure is predicated on transplant which means disabling Peter to treat Paul. In the end Paul will die prematurely while Peter’s health is also jeopardized. We have science validated food based products to heal kidney failure as well as list of healthy foods and lifestyles to prevent reoccurrence of kidney failure. Money back guaranteed.

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