Prostate disorder is the enlargement of the prostate gland, which narrows or blocks the urethra causing impaired or frequent urination. In some cases, prostate disorder can be cancerous when the body harbours conditions favourable to cancer development. Men aged 50 and above are at risk of prostate woes. The Coordinator, National Cancer Preventive Program, Lagos State branch, Dr. Abia Nzelu said prostate cancer kills 14 men in Nigeria daily. But high mortality of men from prostate cancer is not due to lack of cancer centers in Nigeria as doctors make us believe. Why? According to Dr. William Campbell Douglas MD, “Prostate cancer typically is not life-threatening but the procedures done to test or remove the suspicious growth can be. According to Dr. Douglas, autopsies have shown that a high percentage of elderly men die of other causes & never knew they had prostate cancer because they stayed away from doctors”.

• Urge to urinate frequently especially at night
• Difficulty starting or stopping the urinary stream
• A painful or burning sensation during urination or ejaculation
• Pain in the lower back, testicles, anus, upper thighs and above the pubic area.
• Pain in the tip of your penis
• A weak urine flow
• Breaks in urine stream & dribbling
• Blood in urine or semen
• Urine retention
• Loss of appetite
• Fever & chills

US Preventive Services Task Force says the harms outweighed benefits in PSA screening for prostate cancer, and recommended against its use. According to an Associated Press article, majority of prostate biopsies (which spread cancer by the way) among men with elevated PSA levels did NOT reveal cancer while many with “normal” PSA scores actually have the disease. According to a study published in the Journal Urology 2000, worse symptoms of enlarged prostate are associated with undiagnosed diabetes.

That BP drugs make men prone to prostate enlargement/cancer by depleting nutrients governing the normal functions of the prostate gland.

Surgery (prostatectomy) invasive or traditional method is the common medical treatment for prostate enlargement/cancer. But surgery only addresses the symptoms rather than the underlying causes of prostate enlargement or cancer. Worse still, surgery often causes complications like stroke, impotence, incontinence, kidney damage and premature death. According to Dr. Mark Scholz, MD “Out of 50,000 prostate surgeries performed in the US yearly, 40,000 are unnecessary”. Also, the New England Journal of Medicine said “prostate surgery only extended the life of just one patient in 48.” In other words, wrong choice of diagnosis and treatment can cause misery, financial ruin and premature death.

The Way Out

The primary cause of prostate enlargement / cancer is the low level of HORMONE governing the functions of prostate gland. But the fact that human body makes hormones from fats & protein makes nutrition therapy indispensable healer of prostate enlargement / cancer

• DETOXIFICATION – colon cleansing addresses the deepest core of health by removing heavy metals and other toxins from the body tissues and cells.
• LIFE-GATE FOODS and Natural Hormones to redress hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, pH imbalance and infections that triggered prostate enlargement/cancer
• List of healthy foods to increase natural hormones and uptake of oxygen in the body cells. Prostate cancer cannot be defeated without availing the body adequate level of oxygen and male hormones.
• List of foods and lifestyles to avoid to prevent recurrence of enlargement/cancerous growth.
• Information on TESTS to Track Healing & Reversal of Prostate Enlargement/Cancer


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