Healing With Life –Gate Foods and Energy Nutrients

Barring accidents, every disease is caused by improper diet and lifestyles. Guided by this indisputable fact, I avail people my expertise in bee therapy and nutrition to help them overcome physical health challenges like diabetes, arthritis, cancer, prostate enlargement, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, glaucoma, cataract, hepatitis, epilepsy, asthma, gall stones, kidney stone, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroid.

Health Talk

The fact that diet and lifestyles, which are within the control of individuals, determine 90% of our health status positively or negatively makes lack of knowledge the only cause of diseases. What type of knowledge do we need to avoid diseases?  The linkage of diet and lifestyles to health or ill-health, which means, everybody needs to know that man is either building health or diseases by what he eats and how he lives. Given this indisputable fact, people need knowledge on how to make right food choices to promote health and healing. This knowledge is impacted through Health Talk for corporate bodies, churches, mosques, social clubs, professional groups, community development associations CDA and schools. What is the justification for Health Talk as indispensable disease prevention tool? Modern healthcare system is predicated on drugs and surgery, which are designed to respond to illnesses. But while everybody agrees that prevention is better than cure, how do we prevent diseases with a healthcare system structured for disease management? Pragmatic disease prevention is teaching people how to avoid ailments. Theme: Disease Prevention Is Not Outside What We Eat, Drink And Do.

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Honey Beauty Treat

Health and beauty are inseparably linked, which means no one can be charming without being healthy. Since nutrition is the bridge linking beauty and health, I help people eliminate skin problems like acne, wrinkles, dry skin, diaper rash, hair loss, eczema, and body odour with honey-based beauty products. Haven’t you heard that whatever you can’t eat, don’t put it on your skin? I am waiting for your calls.

Job Creation

Nigeria cannot solve her unemployment problem with government jobs. It is never done anywhere in the world. Rather, the only pragmatic approach to job creation must be based on the indisputable fact that wealth and jobs can only be created with products and services that provide solutions to human problems. There are self-employed job opportunities in AGRICULTURE, FOOD PROCESSING, BEEKEEPING, EDUCATION & FOOD SERVICE that can help redress the myriad of health and environmental problems confronting Nigerians. In fact, by using the job-creation templates predicated on these key sectors, Nigeria will not only create millions of jobs for the army of unemployed youth, but also stem high infant and maternal mortality, fight desert encroachment, and epidemic of non-communicable diseases. I have developed job creation templates on these sectors of our economy.  Interested? Call for details