What People Say about Tunde Fabunmi  

“I believe that your article published on would have a significant impact on South African public, especially as it concerns HIV/AIDS”.

Dana Suma

South Africa

Thank you for introducing me to the use of propolis at the workshop organized by your organization on October 3, 2004. After the workshop, I tried the propolis I bought on 5 of my pigs that were skinny. Amazingly, after two weeks, you would not believe the difference the propolis made to the looks of these pigs. Up till this very day, they are among the healthiest animals in my farm”.

Mrs. V.N Nwafor


“Given the innovative approaches that you utilized to solve important problems in the Nigeria environment and the impact that you have made on the lives of people across different communities, we are proud to call you a Trendsetter”.

Dr. Pamela Hartigan

Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, Switzerland

“We wish to congratulate you on being one of the four Social Entrepreneurs described and honoured as Trendsetters by LEAP Africa for applying their initiatives to the creation of social and economic wealth”.

Chichi Aniagolu, Ph.D

Country Director, Ashoka Nigeria

“Let me express my gratitude for the lecture you gave to the participants of 38 Congress of Apimondia, Ljubljana, Slovenia. I hope your presentation Unlocking the Grip of HIV/AIDS on Humanity with Honeybee Resourcewill be noticed at the right places in the future”.

Dr Janez Pok Lukar

Program Co-ordinator

“The fact that your entry ‘Bee Conservation as a Means of Tackling Low Crop Yield and Rural Poverty in Nigeria’ has been short listed to the final 43 from a total of 239 globally will indicate to you how impressed the panel was with your idea”.

Shona Hood

Andrews Prize for the Environment


“Bee Conservation Project has been selected to participate in the August 1 – 12 Global Social Benefit Incubators (GSBI) at Santa Clara University. The number of applicants significantly exceeded the number of openings for this program, and reviewers were guided in their final selection decisions by both the benefit to humanity of your innovative work and your commitment to seeing this work “scale up” to serve a larger number of potential beneficiaries”.

Patrick Guerra

Program Director, GSBI

Santa Clara University, USA.

“The Global Association of Leading Social Entrepreneurs has elected Tunde Fabunmi to the Ashoka Fellowship in recognition of creative and entrepreneurial leadership and commitment to make large scale changes in society”

Bill Drayton

Chair and CEO


“The well articulated paper of ‘Life Insurance in Honey and other Bee Products’ which you so beautifully delivered was highly informative, gave food for thought and added value to our Guest Meeting/Seminar”.

Uyai Ray-Ekpu

Secretary, Soroptimist International.

“Of many programs I have visited, BCP has the most fervent advocates for its projects I have ever met, from the raising of bees, the development of bee businesses and the use of bee products for health. If brought to scale at the level of quality and commitment at which it is currently operating, BCP will certainly alleviate poverty in Nigeria and bring health and prosperity to the people”.

Shannon Walbran

Independent Evaluator, Global Development Network Prize

“I am happy to note that BCP is exploring the bee resource to advance healthcare, food production and environmental protection”.

Chief Sunday Ademola Alalade

Commissioner for Agriculture, Oyo State.

“The Scientific Committee of the First Nigerian International Poultry Summit is pleased to inform you that your abstract entitled: Bee Products: key to Salutary Nutrition, Disease Control, Meat Processing and Increased Productivity in the Poultry Industry has been accepted for presentation”.

Dr. A.O Fanimo

Chairman Scientific Committee

1st Nigerian International Poultry

Summit, Ota, Nigeria

“In connection with the 7th Asian Apicultural Association Conference that will be held in the Philippines on February 23-27, 2004, you are invited to present a paper related to your current research and extension programs on beekeeping”

Cleo Cervancia

President, Asian Apicultural

Association, Philippines

“Your paper published entitled: Tackling Food Crisis and Rural Poverty with Honeybee Resource’ is thought provoking. National Bee Board in India will like to develop mutual bond with your organization for improving beekeeping in Africa and Asia (India)

B.G Srivastava

National Bee Board, India



“I followed the diet plan outlined in the book for some months. Thereafter, I went to London for medical check-up, and after thorough checks lasting two days, the doctors said they couldn’t find a trace of diabetes in me”.

Prince Olubajo

GRA, Ogudu, Lagos.


“The book is a very valuable study for diabetics and non-diabetics. The thorough understanding of the book is 50% healing and the adherence to its principles is 100% healing. I recommend it for every Nigerian”.

Dr. E.A Abiodun Ph.D


“I am diabetic and I had my fasting blood sugar test on Sunday 28-9-08 and it was 112mg/dl. I started using honey as prescribed in the boon on Monday evening. I had another fasting blood sugar testing on Thursday 2-10-08 and to my surprise it came down to 90mg/dl”.

Alex Dike

 Opebi Ikeja, Lagos

“Thanks for Foods That Cure Diabetes. It is a great work and certainly most reassuring. The use of honey has proved very helpful and I need regular supply to get maximum effect”.

Bryce Amamong



“I strictly followed the diet table in the book without drugs for 3 months. Thereafter, I went to LUTH for check-up, and on examination, the doctor said my blood sugar was excellent”.

Pa F.B Ajiboye


“I bought the book for my mum. The diet table has been so helpful even with the prescribed honey. According to her, she used to urinate 4-5 times before day break, but now she urinates once despite a lot of water intake”.

Mrs. M.N Opara

 Ikoyi Lagos.


“The book has really helped me. My sugar level used to be 115mg/dl even while on drugs. But now, it is 96mg/dl, and this was achieved with only honey and the diet plan in the book”,

Mrs. C. Ogbonna, Lagos

“My husband’s sugar level has been perfectly within normal limits since we started the use of honey and the diet plan in the book. Such an educating and life-saving book”.

Mrs. Chinyere Chikwendu

Ojodu Lagos.


“The book is a masterpiece and second to none. May God bless the author as he contributes to the well being of the human race”.

J.B Awelewa,

 Deputy Commissioner of Police

Police Liaison Office INEC HQ, Abuja

“Wonderful work, I feel every normal family needs the book. I am glad I have one. The author is a blessing to humanity”.

Chike Frank Okeke

MD Royal Options Nig Ltd


“This is a tremendous book, clear, concise and complete. Diabetics will benefit greatly from reading and applying it”.

Ademola Adedamola


“The book merited its claim and the author’s follow-up to buyers is also commendable”

Dr. Adefale Thomas Ph.D

Minna, Niger State

“Before, I couldn’t stand for 5 minutes. I also staggered when walking because my blood sugar was very high. But the book has really helped me. I feel very good now and I can walk long distances and do everything by myself, which I couldn’t do before”.

Lucky Irabor




“I have been using glasses to read since 1961, but after two weeks of applying honey eye drop, I can now read without glasses, 44 years later. It’s unbelievable and wonderful”.

Pa E.A Onitilo


 “The windscreen of my vehicle broke while on motion and pieces of the glass entered my eyes causing serious discomfort and pain. My wife gave me honey eye drop bought from BCP, I used it before bedtime. To my surprise, the eye drop flushed out the pieces of the glass from my eyes the following morning. The pain disappeared and my vision was back to normal. This is like a miracle to me.”

Mr. Are, Shalom Baptist Church Isheri Olofin Lagos

“My sister and I bought two packs of honey eye drop from BCP at the Nigerian Baptist Convention Ground in Benin, Edo State. Few weeks after use as prescribed, my sister had dropped her reading glasses. My sight is also improving but not as fast as that of my sister probably because of my diabetes”.

Mrs. Lolo

 School of Nursing, Kaduna


“The honey eye drop is OK. I no longer read tiny prints with glasses”

Ogbodo Anna, 08036143774

“I bought the honey eye drop for my diabetic wife who was on Xalatan prescription to prevent cataract. She reported much less pressure on her eyes after using the honey eye drop for a while”

 Elder Tunde Adefolaju

“Seven years ago I was booked for cataract surgery, but when I got to know about honey eye drop I bought it and after use, it forestalled the surgery up till today. I can read without glasses. Thanks for the wonderful job your honey eye drop has done for me”

Alhaji R.A Azeez, 08052403041

“Three days ago, I started experiencing pain in my left eye. I applied honey eye drop on both eyes. The following morning, the pain disappeared. Thank God for BCP and its initiator-Tunde Fabunmi”.

Rev. David Korede

 Shalom Baptist

 Isheri Olofin, Lagos.


Bee Therapy & Arthritis

I used to experience terrible pain around my hips and knees. Early 2006, the pain became more severe that I had to visit my doctor. After series of X-rays I was diagnosed of ADVANCED OSTEOARTHRITIS, which has no other solution except a total hip replacement surgery that cost several millions of naira.

Since I cannot afford this, I kept on using the pain relieving tablets prescribed by the doctor just to ease the pain. While I was using these drugs, I was introduced to BEE CONSERVATION PROJECT to explore bee therapy. Not quite three weeks after starting bee therapy, I discovered that the severe pain I could not eliminate over the months started going down each passing day. I could feel a sort of healing taking place within me. In fact, I started walking on my own without crutches, which I had been using for over six months.

To the glory of God, as I am writing this testimonial, my situation is getting better every day. The last time I visited my doctor, he was surprised to see me walking without the prescribed TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT SURGERY. Bee Therapy really works.