Those that contend with arthritis rarely get relief from conventional treatment. Rather, they live with the crippling pain of this degenerative disease until it wears them out emotionally and mentally. Worse still, orthodox treatment for arthritis impoverishes the victims and cause life-threatening complications. In other words, tackling arthritis with synthetic drugs is tantamount to chasing shadow, wasting resources and self-destruction. Why and how? Conventional treatment protocols address the symptoms of arthritis rather than its root causes. Yet, no disease can be mitigated or cured by merely treating its symptoms

In effect, orthodox medical approach makes arthritis and other degenerative diseases incurable. For instance, pain relieving drugs of varying potency are commonly prescribed for arthritis by doctors. But despite daily use of pain killers, arthritis pain persists even in greater intensity because pain is not arthritis. Pain is just one of the symptoms of systemic dysfunction(s) causing arthritis. Arthritis defies pain medications because they do not address its causes. Besides, pain killers also damage the cartilage in the cases of osteoarthritis and cause other fatal complications including liver and kidney damage and bleeding in the stomach.

The key ingredient in all pain relieving drugs is called acetaminophen, which many studies have linked to increasing cases of poisoning and liver damage. A team of researchers led by Dr. Anne Larson at the University of Washington Medical Centre in Seattle tracked the 662 consecutive patients who showed up with acute liver failure at 23 transplant centres across USA from 1998 to 2003, acetaminophen poisoning was to blame in nearly half the patients with the proportion of cases linked to the drug rose to 51% in 2003 from 28% in 1998.

By taking pain killers daily, arthritis patients need increasing dosage to achieve the same level of pain relief. Consequently, the body is being exposed to overdose of acetaminophen, which the liver may handle initially, only to suddenly crash months later. Also, daily use of pain killers often escalate to full blown addiction with grave consequences on the brain.

Even in Nigeria, there have been cases of kidney damage arising from chronic use of pain killers. For instance, a Lagos-based woman got her kidneys damaged by drugs taken to relieve the pain in her knees. Following this complication, doctors shifted attention to kidney dialysis rather than arthritis, which was the primary cause of her problem. She did not only lose the battle to free herself from painful knee joint, she also lost her life due to kidney failure.

Inflammation is another symptom of arthritis for which doctors prescribe aspirin, corticosteroid therapy and non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. While arthritis has never succumbed to these drugs, they also cause many fatal complications. Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs destroy the lining of the stomach, cause bleeding and harm the kidneys. The use of aspirin can also interact with viral infections, which may be involved in some arthritic disorders, to cause serious damage to the brain, liver and other vital organs in the body.

In some cases, surgery is used to tackle arthritis especially inform of knee or hip replacement operation. Besides being palliative as drugs, joint or hip replacement surgery is also expensive and compounds arthritis for many victims leading to inability to walk and ultimately premature death. It is like buying a jet that cannot fly. In effect, treating arthritis with drugs and surgery causes misery, financial burden and premature death.

The ideal path to arrest and reverse arthritis is to redress the systemic dysfunctions and bad dietary habits that trigger this crippling disease.

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