As man gets older digestion of meat becomes difficult whereas the need for protein is higher for old people. As a matter of fact, the health hazard associated with improperly digested meat inform the widespread claim that meat is dangerous for people aged 40 and above. What a fallacy? Many adults avoid eating meat and settle for fish. No doubt, fish is a good source of protein but two facts make fish inferior to meat. What are these facts? One, there are certain nutrients essential for health and healing, which are available in meat particularly red meat. Two, there are more fake fish than fake meat in Nigeria. Over 90 per cent of fish consumed in Nigeria are farmed fish sourced locally and imported. Farmed fish (catfish, kote, Titus, croaker, Salmon and others)are fake fish because they are reared in artificial ponds, fed synthetic foods, growth hormones and antibiotics. While wild caught fish have higher level of omeg-3 fats and low level of omega-6 fats, farmed fish have high omega-6 fats with little or no omega-3 fats. Consuming omega-6fats rich foods causes inflammation, which is a trigger or driver of all chronic diseases.

Unknown to many, meat is a super health food if it is source from grass-fed beef, local chicken, goat and wild bush meat and well cooked. For instance, red meat has nutrients indispensable for health and healing that are not in other foods. However, the studies that classified red meat as unhealthy food are based on caged grain-fed beef also treated with growth hormones and synthetic antibiotics. In contrast, while free-ranged grass-fed beef like the type in Nigeria is a super food for health and healing, improper cooking can make its digestion difficult, which may ultimately harm the body. How do you  cook meat properly and make its digestion easier for the body? You need natural MEAT TENDERIZER which softens meats and make them easier for the body to digest and harness their health –promoting nutrients. ORDER YOUR PACK

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